Aromatherapy Lavender Bubble Bath for Refreshing Sleep

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Aromatherapy-Lavender-BathLavender is one of those natural scents that help us relax and fall asleep easier. When you combine a relaxing bubble bath with lavender aromatherapy,  you’re sure to be ready for bed relaxed and cozy. The products you add to your bath and massage into your skin will do wonders.

Lavender Bubble Bath

Relaxing is one of my favorite reasons for taking a bubble bath. With the lavender bath foams and soaps, I get wonderful bubbles, a relaxing bath and silky feeling skin. What more could you want from a lavender bubble bath? These are a few of those favorite items and ones that get used often in bath tub.

Lavender Combined with Other Scents for the Skin

After your relaxing bubble bath, continue the aromatherapy for your restful sleep with body lotions from lavender and vanilla or chamomile scents. These are known for their restful and calming properties. Bath and body products bring these scents together for the best sleep you may have ever known.

Aromatherapy for Your Bath Time

The capacity of your nose to help your mood, relax your body and improve your physical ailments is well-known. The different scents that can be found in nature are proven to help you in these and many other ways. Even help you reduce stress.

When we add these scents to our bubble baths through soaps or oils, they help us improve our own mental, physical and emotional well-being. That’s double-duty for the bubble bath.

We know that just the act of soaking in water can be relaxing, refreshing and renewing. So make extra use of your bubble bath time with aromatherapy for better sleep.

Gifts for Friends and Family

Most of us know someone who has complained of lack of sleep or having trouble sleeping. A gift of bubble bath designed just for soothing, calming and relaxing can be ideal. Even if you aren’t sure, just about all of us can use the effect of lavender to help us relax. So a gift set of bubble bath with body lotion is perfect for nearly every woman on your gift list.


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  1. Mandee says:

    I love a lavender scented bubble bath and following it with like scented lavender lotion is perfect after a hectic day!

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