Finding Time for a Luxurious Bubble Bath

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Finding-Time-for-Bubble-BatWe all know that a bubble bath can be a luxurious and relaxing experience, but finding the time for one can be hard. Our busy schedules often make setting aside a chunk of time hard. A few tips can help. So we are sharing some of our favorite tips for making sure that we find the time for a luxurious bubble bath.

Schedule a Bubble Bath

If you are like me, you keep a calendar of events, meetings, and a to-do list. Add into your schedule time for a bubble bath. Literally, write it on your calendar or to-do list. When you set personal time into your own schedule, you have it in your mind and ready to check it off your task list.

You schedule your vacation time, your family time, so why not your personal time? It makes a difference when you look at your schedule.

Look Forward to Your Time

When you have a bubble bath in mind, keep it in mind and look forward to it. Plan for it. Imagine how relaxed you will feel after your bubble bath. Whether it’s after a busy work day, or a relaxing time before bed, think about it, look forward to it.

This will help you be sure to get your bubble bath in that day. You won’t want to miss something you have been looking forward to all day.

Get Your Supplies Ready

Set out your supplies for your bubble bath. Put your bubble bath, lotions, bath pillow and scrub on the side of the tub. Set them out early so that every time you even enter your bathroom, you are reminded of your special time that is coming.

If you have your bubble bath planned for after work, set out your supplies before you leave. When you come home, everything is ready for you. If you are planning your bubble bath for before bedtime, set out your supplies before dinner.

Rid Yourself of Excuses

We can all come up with excuses to not do something. We’re too tired to bother, we just want to sit down instead, we don’t have everything we need, etc. The list of excuses can be long! But, get rid of them. A bubble bath is something you deserve. Never let yourself forget that. The time it takes will be rewarded with a better, more relaxed you.

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