Flameless Candles for Bubble Bath Ambiance and Safety

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Flamless-Candles-for-Bath-AEnjoy a great bubble with candlelight but keep things safe with one of these flameless candles. The ambiance and relaxing effect of flickering candlelight are still yours for enjoying, but there is no worry of that fire danger. That’s the best of both worlds.

The Beauty of Safety with Flameless Candles


No Competing Scent Issues

When I plan my bubble bath, I pick the scent of the bubbles, soap and lotions carefully. Whether to relieve tired muscles, calm me down for better sleep or rejuvenate my soul, I want only those scents in my bathroom. Every candle has some kind of scent to it. I don’t want those competing with my bath scent. Either they will cancel each other out, or they will blend together to make something I really don’t want. Definitely not what I planned on for my relaxing and refreshing bubble bath.

Besides the scents of the candles themselves, there is one more scent that is not what I plan for when I plan my bubble bath. That is the scent that comes after the candle is snuffed out. There is just something about that smoke residue smell that leaves my bathroom and me smelling different than I want.

Pick Safety, Pick Relaxing, Pick Flameless Candles

There may be times when standard candles with an open flame will work great, but not when it comes to my bubble bath time. That is precious to me and I want to take full advantage of it.

There are plenty of choices you can pick from. Take a look at flameless candles to see lots more, including ones with remote controls and timers if you prefer. Created to imitate real candles in both looks and effect, flameless candles are simply my choice for my bubble bath time.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I am a BIG proponent of flameless candles! I will admit though, I had never thought to use them with my bubble bath! What a super idea! I think I will relax a lot more in the bath with my book and flameless candles! Thank you!

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