Homemade Bubble Bath Recipes

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DIY-Bubble-Bath-BasicMaking your own bubble bath is easy when you start with the basic recipe, then add from there. Homemade bubble bath recipes can be nearly unlimited with all the possible add-ins you can use. These are to suit your own taste and needs.

We’ll start you off here with the basic recipe. Then show you how to get creative with making up your own blends.

Basic Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe

This recipe is a basic start. You’ll need to get a collection of ingredients first. Not much of this is standard household stuff. But once you have the ingredients, you can make multiple bubble bath recipes.

Ingredients – makes 6 bubble baths

Directions: Using a glass bowl, mix all the ingredients together until the sugar dissolves completely. Cover, or transfer to a bottle and store in a cool, dry place for at least 24 hours. The curing process is needed with these homemade bubble baths. The sugar and Glycerin combination make the long lasting bubbles. The Castile soap is what provides those bubbles and cleaning properties.

Creating the Fun Bubble Bath Recipes

Once you have the basics, you can then have some fun creating colorful and scented bubble baths. Food coloring makes a great way to add the color. Just a few drops of red added to your basic recipe with create a pink bubble bath.

Essential oils are what you need to create your scented bubbles. With essential oils, you can get the benefit of the scents of relaxation, aches and pains relief, restful sleep, even invigorating mental benefits. Again, just a few drops make a world of difference.

Mixology for the Bubble Bath

Once you have purchased the basic ingredients, you will have plenty to be able to try out lots of different homemade bubble bath recipes. Test them out for yourself to see what ones you like best. You get to be the mixologist. Be sure to track the results in your DIY bath recipe book. That way you can know what to adjust next time.

Making Bubble Bath Gifts

For many of us, homemade gifts are what we prefer to give and receive. Which means you can create your own bubble bath to give as gifts. Once you have tested out some of your favorite blends, bottle them to give as gifts.

Group several different varieties in a basket. Make sure to add labels with instructions for your bubble baths. 1/4 of a cup is enough to make one bath loaded with bubbles. Note the scents that you use and what benefit they provide.

Your own homemade bubble bath recipes will be hit both in your own home and as gifts.

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  1. Barb says:

    With Christmas zooming up on us, homemade bubble bath gift sets are a great idea! Had no clue that sugar would be included, but it makes sense the way you describe it.

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