Mother’s Day Gift Sets: Bubble Bath Enjoyment

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Mothers day gift setsWhat mother couldn’t use a little pampering time? So a great idea is a Mother’s Day gift set just for her to enjoy some bubble bath time. These bubble bath sets are from Freida & Joe, well rated for the looks and quality.

Freida & Joe Mother’s Day Gift Sets

These sets of bubble bath gifts are some of my favorites. Besides the fact that they come in these charming little old-fashioned bathtubs, the products are ideal for relaxing, refreshing and enjoying my bubble bath time.

Gift Sets With Extras

I’m one of those who like to give and receive gift sets that have more than just the consumable products. Of course, I love the items that I can add to my bath, rub into my skin, and refresh myself. But, those extra things help make the gift more special.

The Freida & Joe Mother’s Day gift sets all come in a special container that can be reused anyway we like. Refilled with other bath products or used to keep lots of things in a single place.  I’ve even been known to use baskets as drawer organizers. They really work well for so many organizing things.

Scented Bath Items for Aromatherapy

Freida & Joe group their bath items into scents. That works great when we want to make use of aromatherapy for our bubble bath time. I’m especially fond of relaxing bubble baths as a way to help reduce stress. Some days are just too hectic. And a relaxing bubble bath is just what I need in the evening.

The different effects that different scents have on our mood and energy is a great reason to choose Mother’s Day gift sets. With the sets grouped by scent, you can give a gift that the mother can use when she needs that extra boost to her mood. Either to relax, to energize, even to help soothe her frazzled nerves.

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  1. Mandee says:

    Please pass the one for frazzled nerves! LOL I am putting this on my Mother’s Day wish list. Thanks for a wonderful suggestion!

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