Natural Loofah Sponge for Silky Skin

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Natural-Loofah-SpongeA great way to get silky feeling skin is by using a natural loofah sponge for your daily bath. This is actually a simple process that does work. It’s not rocket science and it’s not expensive or time-consuming either. It’s simply a matter of choosing a natural loofah sponge instead of a washrag or plastic netting scrubber.

What Loofah Actually Is

The term loofah is a variant on the word luffa. Luffa is an edible vegetable in the same family as a cucumber. When the vegetable is fully ripened it becomes fibrous and tough. That’s when it’s harvested and dried to become a natural loofah sponge.

You can actually make your own loofah sponges. The luffa vegatable seeds are available to purchase through many seed catalogs. You grow them the same way your grow cucumbers. That means they need plenty of warm days to fully mature. Then peel the skin, scoop out the seeds and let them dry. Presto, you have your own homemade natural loofah sponge.

The Benefits of a Daily Natural Loofah Sponge Use

A loofah sponge is a gentle exfoliate. It easily removes the dead skin cells without scratching your tender new skin cells. This is one of those great secrets to having silky, soft and glowingly fresh skin. Whether it’s your morning bubble bath or your daily shower and this works with any of your scented bath products, too.

Use a natural loofah sponge instead of a washcloth or those plastic netting scrubs. Loofah dries to a hard substance and helps prevent bacteria from forming. This is good news for your daily use.

One other great benefit is the cost of purchasing a natural loofah sponge. These are actually cheap. Many companies package them in multiple sponges. There we go, another benefit.

Just a word of caution here, but don’t be discouraged. The seeds from the luffa vegetable are not so easy to remove. Seeds often find their way into your loofah sponges. Make sure to remove them. It’s easiest if you wet the sponge first. The seeds stay dry longer so they will be easier to pick out.

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